Vapor Odometer Reset

  • Press and hold all three buttons down for three seconds to enter the data setting mode. Once there using the mode button progress to the tire size. 
  • At the tire size enter 9110 using the left and right had buttons to increment the digits. 
  • Immediately after entering the new tire size press and hold the right hand button down for three second. 
  • This should move to a screen with ( 12HR ) flashing on it. If this is displayed you are in the permanent data set so any alterations will be saved to the permanent information. 
  • Once in this data set again using the mode button move to desired screen in this case the screen that reads ODO for odometer. Finally using the left and right buttons again alter the ODO to desired mileage.
  • Once complete you can either wait for five seconds and let the Vapor revert back to the main screen or you can use the mode button to reach the main screen. 
  • Resetting the proper tire size is not needed since the Vapor with automatically default back to the values you had set prior to this adjustment.