Shock and swingarm linkage Zerk fittings (grease nipples)

Drill and tap thread for Zerk fitting

Add 45 degree angled Zerk fitting installed to allow easy access with a straight grease gun fitting.

Two holes drilled in swingarm pivot spacer (1 each end on opposite sides). This is allows grease to work its way inside and between the spacer and axle out to bearing rollers.

The spacer for the dogbone/swingarm bearings and axle already has a hole drilled in it as though Suzuki intended to put a nipple on it but didn't. I didn't get a photo but it is this one here (highlighted)
Zerk fitting installed on swingarm/dogbone pivot point at angle where it won't get knocked off if struck.

Zerk fitting installed on cushion rod lever lower pivot in a position where it can't get knocked off if struck.