My 2006 DR650se was purchased brand new from NT motorcycles in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. It was one of the first of the Blue models. The previous year (2005) the model was Suzuki Champion Yellow and when ordered my New DR in November 2005, the dealer wasn't even aware that the 2006 model was going to be Blue and at that time Suzuki's brochure material still only had the yellow version available. I was adamant that I wanted a 2006 blue model, which I ended up getting. The actual manufacture date was December 2005 on the compliance plate but it was a 2006 model and  I took delivery of the bike on 12th January 2006. Needless to say, it was pretty fresh off the production line and would have been among the first of the year model sold in Australia

I love it ! and my DR650se is ever evolving, as it has since day one and 14 years later, I am still adding and subtracting bits in search of the ultimate (for me) DR650 Adventure bike - 

To check out what I have done to my DR and for further information, including fixes, click on each section below. 

My DR - New in 2006
Same DR - Now in 2020