One of the first additions to my DR in 2006 was this excellent quality B&B bashplate. It is a very solid unit that fits really well and does a great job of protecting the frame rails and front of the engine from hits. The rear mounting bolts are flush fit and mount to tabs that wrap around the frame just forward of the footpegs. There is an access hole to remove the sump plug so no need to remove to do oil changes.

B&B have introduced a new revamped bashplate for the DR650 - check their website for details.

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Initially, I installed a set of Acerbis Rally handguards which were blue and totally plastic. Even the reinforced bar behind the shield itself was plastic and all moulded together. They were quite flimsy and wouldn't tolerate a very hard hit and they eventually started to perish and break apart.

I saw the Barkbuster Jets at a local dealer and liked the style plus the fact they had a solid aluminium bar onto which the handguards/shields are screwed onto. They fit great, look good and you can replace the handshield with any colour you like.

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The AMP case guards come as a set that includes left magneto cover guard, right side clutch cover guard and oil filter cover guard. The oil filter guard bolts over top of the OEM oil filter cover using the supplied longer button allen head bolts and the other two guards are fixed to the cases using silicone. They can get a bit bit scratched up from boots etc but come up well with an occasional polish with aluminium polishing compound. I like the extra protection that they offer if the bike was to be dropped on its side on a rocky surface and also if one of the gear or brake levers were to be pushed into to the side of the cases in a fall.

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To date I have been lucky with the stock, flimsy Oil Cooler guard and it has played on my mind many times about the lack of protection it offerred.

I first saw these new guards on the facebook DR650 page and I really liked the design,the fact that Hardy Engineering are a local (Queensland - Aust. company) and that Peter Hardy himself is a DR650 owner.  The fit is really nice and snug, utilises the stock bolts and provides greater protection over the stocker.


Like the oil Cooler Guard, Peter also has introduced these as a new product. What I like is the fact that the sprocket cover and case guard are separate so the Sprocket cover can be removed leaving the case guard in place. I also liked the design and Peter has craftily angled the slots to match the angles of the engine and fins. Supplied with the button head bolts in the picture.

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There was really nothing wrong with the stock chain guide but I wanted a bit of bling and found this aluminium one that I liked the look of. Fitting was easy enough, although at the time I was still on the OEM continuous chain, so I had to pull it apart to fit it over the chain. It has held up well and shows minimal wear or damage. I give it a polish every so often to restore the look.

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The front mudguard can flop around madly at speed or on bumpy terrain. I also found with a tube fender bag strapped on, that it was even worse and the front of the guard would often hit contact the front tyre on bumpy ground. The brace seems to have solved all of those issues and looks great too. I am not actually sure who produces this one but I purchased it along with some other goods from Vince Strang Motorcycles

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