Owners of the DR650 can add another dimension to ownership of the bike. I spend a lot of time filtering through the various website forums relating to the DR650 and here are some links to the better known ones. You can learn a lot from these and also contribute heps to the DR community by adding your 'two bobs' worth to the forums as you see fit. It is best to register for these forums to have full priviledges and to gain maximum advantage from these forums. I would recommend giving yourself a Nom De Plume (pen name, screen name) as your username and using the same one for all of the forums you partake in. Example- kezzajohnson (my forum username on various site).

Argueably, the largest and most popular DR650 forum is ADV rider and is one that I am most active on. There is a worldwide froum but in some cases, you will also find it broken down in to countries such as Australia/NZ

The following links (click on pictures) will take you directly to some of my favorite DR650 specific and other Adventure bike forums.