Following RMZ fork upgrade and not seeing any reason to change the stock headlight cowling or headlight, I have retained it but modified it slightly by adding an extension bracket on each side to move the cowling forward. This makes more room behind the cowling for extra wiring and to raise the ignition switch up higher to become more accessible with the addition of a new dashboard. The tilt also allows the windscreen to be less angled and more upright to create better wind buffering. The brackets are simply made from L-section aluminium. The lower cowling mount is also extended out a bit from stock and has been modified to suit the RMZ lower triple clamp. Additional brackets were also the made up to extend the headlight further out in the cowling.. The RMZ forks meant that I had to replace the stock headlight mounting brackets from the forks for DRZ400SM ones due to the larger diameter fork tube. This still enabled me to retain the stock headlight.

  • Mounting points on the RMZ lower triple
  • A piece of angle made up for lower cowling mount
  • Bolted to the lower triple

  • Brackets and spacers made to extend the headlight out to match the cowling
  • Rubber mountings were retained in the main bracket and hence the need for spacers for headlight mount
  • Headlight fitted

  • Slot cut in lower cowling to ease fitment and fixed with large washer and nut
  • Brackets made to tilt/extend the cowling out further to make more room behind the dash


At the time, I couldn't find a windscreen that I liked for the DR650se so I decided to make my own. Easily fabricated from some PVC, I cut out a shape that worked in nicely with the lines of the cowling and to a height that would allow me duck behind it if I wanted but also to deflect wind over my helmet. It took a little bit of trial and error to get it right and I ended up heating it in an oven and putting a small bend at the top to assist with wind deflection. The screen works well and buffeting is minimal at speed. An Air gap is created through the use of rubber bumpers and the top mounts bolt through behind and are the top dash mounting bolts.


  • In an effort to brace up the cowling/windscreen to stop it flopping around on bumpy ground and at speed, I decided to make a dash that would also brace up the cowling/windscreen and minimise flex. I fabricated up a dash from some aluminium plate that would house gadgets such as the vapor dash, LEDS for the left and right indicators, neutral and high beam lights, Power outlets and Voltmeter. 
  • The Brake line was routed Baja/Rallye style to keeps the dash uncluttered.This did mean I lost the steering lock functionality but there was no other way. 
  • The Ignition switch was moved from it's stock location and mounted higher up on the RMZ upper triple clamp from easy access. 

  • I would use this single threaded tab to mount the complete ignition switch with lock still intact.
  • There was sufficient length in the wiring to relocated the ignition and the one tab seems plenty strong enough to hold it.
  • For the Dash, a template was drawn up, traced onto some aluminum plate and cut out with a jigsaw. Holes drilled and filed out for wiring, accessories and LEDS. Plate bent to shape
  • Trial fit up of initial prototype

  • Final design, saw a revised shape and black paint job

  •  For more information on these modifications refer to my RMZ fork upgrade pages: