This is the second long range tank I have had on the DR since new, The first was an IMS 21 litre which was mostly free of issues but eventually went to a stained browny blue colour from fuel sitting in the tank. Eventually the fuel tap started to leak also, so I decided to buy a whole new tank. Acerbis had recently released this 20 litre tank which I found quite appealling to the eye and was of a similar size to what I was after. After experiencing life with a 21 litre tank, I felt that a tank of this size was most suitable to my needs. Most owners that I know of with the massive 30 litre Safari tank, seldom run them full due to the weight of the extra fuel and instead run with enough fuel to give them the range that they need, and may fill them on an occasion where a large range is required. I figured, why carry all of that extra bulk (size) when it is not being used most of the time.  20 litres is good for 400kms on my bike and I opted for a rotopax fuel container to carry at the rear of the bike if I ever need more range than that or for backup.  The quality and finish of the Acerbis tank is excellent as are the fixtures and fittings supplied and retains the stock frame/tank grommets. I was a bit fazed by by no threaded inserts for the fuel tap, and plastic fuel lever but it all seems fine, no leaks, and no breakages. 

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The stock seat to me has never been much of a problem but can get a bit hard after a few miles in the saddle. It is also a bit narrow. Following my USD fork upgrade and raising the rear suspension to match, I found myself on tippy toes when sitting on the bike. I was offered a brand new Sargent low seat from a friend who had bought it and found it too hard for his liking. Seeing as the deal was 1/2 the new cost, I jumped at it and it has brought me closer to the ground once again. I find it quite comfortable, as I am only a light fella and the extra width of the seat certainly makes longer distances much more comfortable. Fit is excellent and very straight forward with the Acerbis tank, it looks great and the quality first class. I am happy. Would I pay the normal retail price for one? Not sure that I would.


 The installation of the GSXR muffler meant the stock right hand sidecover rubber grommet was too restrictive. (not enough room between muffler, sidecover and rack) so I took to zip tying the cover to the rack to keep it away from the muffler. One particular trip, I neglected to do this and on return home had found the cover had melted on the pipe. After drafting out a nice shape into the side cover to cut off the melted section, I took to it with my jigsaw and cut it down to what you see in the photo to the right. I also put a retaining screw where the sidecover meets the rear guard section. The covers where looking a bit scratched up, so after trimming the left side one to match the right, I removed all the stickers and gave them a light sanding with some wet and dry sandpaper before hitting them with some Satin Black Plastics Aerosol paint. The stock retaining bolts were binned and I have replaced those with a larger washer and Allen Head bolt to make the sidecovers more secure.


I am quite content with the stock indicators and so far have barely scratched them let alone broken one in a fall. The only problem I have had is the front indicators hitting on the aftermarket fuel tank on full lock both directions. An easy fix was to turn them upside down. Firstly shortening one of the tabs so it wouldn't interfere with the triple clamp and so that they could be set at an appropriate angle for the indicators visibilty. Plenty of clearance now and they are protected by the handguards in a fall.


The rear guard extender and reflecter is really quite cumbersome and I wanted to tidy up the rear of the bike. Using a dremel, I trimmed the guard into the shape and size you see in the photo. The stock numberplate light mounting was trimmed of in order to be able to flush fit the number plate. A plastic mounting plate was made up to accomodate the plate and new number plate light and the number plate mounting bolts mount the whole lot to the shortend rear guard. I have used an LED number plate mouted up as close as I could to under the tail and light simply joined it in to the stock wiring.