Welcome to JustDR650.com

This site is dedicated to the DR650se which has been produced by Suzuki since 1996 and is still being produced and sold in several countries around the world to this day. There have been very few changes to this model over that time and the mighty DR has stood the test of time proving itself to be a very versatile, reliable and capable steed and one that has a massive number of loyal owners around the world willing to sing the praises of this great machine.

The bike itself has a very economical entry price and although is classed as a trail bike, it is proving to be an ideal base on which to build into an adventure bike. The range and variety of brands of aftermarket goodies that are available for the DR650se today is mindblowing and shows the faith that aftermarket manufacturers have in this bike.

Although just a hobby for me, this website reflects my passion and obsession for the DR650se, having owned mine since brand new in 2006. Apart from the initial purchase price of the bike, I have spent lots of dollars again on aftermarket gear and modifications over the last 10 years, but it is what I love to do and in doing so, I have built up, through research, trolling through DR650 forums, talking to some very knowledgeable owners, and some trial and error, an intimate knowledge of this machine.

To date, I still find owners, mostly new to the DR650se waddling along trying to find their way and to learn more about their bikes, asking for help, asking where they can buy aftermarket products from and finding out what is the best/cheapest/most bling etc etc.

My aim with this website is to provide a single source of all types of information on the DR650se starting with what I have done with my own bike, the model history, specifications,  what aftermarket gear is available and where to get it from, plus some common issues owners have experienced and the fixes, modifications to the stock bike, and some owner profiles plus ride videos and photos that feature the DR650se from all over the world.

There is also workshop manual information including a downloadable PDF version of the manual - (Username and password required to access -please use my contact page to request one)

Please use my contact page if you you have any questions or comments and I will be happy to help or hear.

Enjoy my site, fellow DR owners, potential DR owners and anyone else who is interested (or lurking).