A guide to some common issues to the DR650se and fixes

Common oil leaks


The screws retaining the Neutral sensor switch (NSU) are known to be either loose (finger tight) or to loosen themselves off with time and miles. This happens not because the screws aren't properly torqued at the factory, but because the plastic NSU housing shrinks from heat and thus eases the torque of the screws.  In some cases, an entire screw (or even both)  have backed out and fallen into the engine, often being picked up with the next oil change on the sump plug (magnetic) or in the oil. There is no real sign that this is happening except for the loss of or a flickering neutral light. The potential for a screw to end up in the gearbox and destroying an engine is very real and this is an issue any owner should attend to sooner than later to check the screws and secure them.