Not seeing any reason to change the stock headlight cowling or headlight, I have retained it but modified it slightly by adding an extension bracket on each side to move the cowling forward. This makes more room behind the cowling for extra wiring and to raise the igntion switch up higher to become more accessible with the addition of a new dashboard. The tilt also allows the windscreen to be less angled and more upright to create better wind buffering. The brackets are simply made from L-section aluminium. Further brackets were made up to mount the headlight further out in the cowling.


At the time, I couldn't find a windscreen that I liked for the DR650se so I decided to make my own. Easily fabricated from some PVC, I cut out a shape that worked in nicely with the lines of the cowling and to a height that would allow me duck behind it if I wanted but also deflect wind over my helmet. It took a little bit of trial and error to get it right and I ended up heating it in an oven and putting a small bend at the top to assist with wind deflection. The screen works well and buffeting is minimal at speed, although the cowling itself would shake and flop around bit due to the flexible plastic mounts. A Mitsubishi spotlight cover protects the headlight mounted with small brackets.


In an effort to brace up the cowling/windscreen to firm it up, I made two simple aluminium bars that would mount to under the bar riser clamps and up to the windscreen. This firmed it up nicely and there was no movement/flex at all in the cowling or windscreen. I fabricated up a dash from some aluminium plate that would house gagets such as the vapor dash, LEDS for indicators, neutral and high beam lights, Power outlets and RAM mountings. The Ignition switch was moved from it's stock location and mounted higher up on the RMZ upper triple clamp from easy access. This did mean I lost the steering lock functionality.

  •  For more information on these modifications refer to my RMZ fork upgrade pages: